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Software requirements

  • Operating system with support of periodic job scheduling (for example *nix with cron)
  • MySQL ≥ 5.1 (supports table partitions, views, trigger, functions, procedures and events)
  • PHP ≥ 5.3
  • Web server with PHP support, tested with Nginx (recommended), Apache and Litespeed

See also these hints for details!

Hardware requirements

  • A server, which fits the software requirements :-)
    A Raspberry B with a 4 GB SD card works fine for me as scripts server connected to a central frontend/API sever.
  • Some sensors, like 1-Wire sensors, watt meters with S0 or D0 outputs
  • Solar inverter which supports either


The system is devided into 2 repositories, the PVLng core repo with web frontend and API and the PVLng-Scripts repo with the data aquisition and extraction scripts.


Core repository

Your can upgrade your installation at any time with

$ tools/upgrade.git

Upgrade your installation to lastest state from Github.

Usage: tools/upgrade.git <branch>

This works with master and develop

  • Checkout the lastest changes from GitHub
  • Apply outstanding database patches if any

Scripts repository

Just pull the latest changes from GitHub

git checkout master


git checkout develop


git pull