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You can customize your charts and channels in several ways for your needs.



By default 5 axis on each side of the chart are available. If you need mode, just take a look into frontend/View/Index/dialog.chart.tpl :-) and learn how to customize your installation.

The axis unit label is detected from the 1st channel assign to this axis, so take care to attach channels of the same unit to the same axis.

Series display type

  • Line
  • Spline
  • Spline with min./max. range
  • Spline with area
  • Bar
  • Scatter

Dash style

Use these styles for visual alignment of channels.

Line width

Use these different 3 line width for highlighting channels.

Mark reading values

You can mark several values with a value label. "All" is only useful for bar charts

Period values

Shows for meter channels the data per selected aggregation period and not the total over time, see the Bar chart example for details.


For meter channels you can show the values according to the consolidation period, see the Bar chart example for details.


Some collors are pre-defined, you can choose from the whole color range.


Draw a white shadow behind the line to make the line better visible.

Color for values below/above threshold

To make e.g. negative values more visible, you can show them in a different color. (example)

Time range

Sometimes, when you show channels only filled during daylight times and 24hr channels together, you are interested only in a part of the whole data. In this case you can specify for the 24hr channel a time range to display, see the limited time range example.

Between sunrise and sunset only

Show the data only during sunlight times, helpful to concetrate on the important values and skip for example nighly temperature values.

Similar like the time range setting, but with dynamic move over the year.


You can hide channels from legend, e.g. for the sunrise/sunset marker channel. (example)

Start hidden

Use the channel in the cahrt but hide in initial draw.

Chart position

The channels are displayed in the chart by default in the same order as in the channels overview list. Here you can move them more to back/front.

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