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To get a 1st impression of the system, 2 fake channels are installed by default.

They deliver random data on each request.

To get a feeling with charts, you can use them to play around with the presentation settings.

RANDOM Temperature sensor

This sensor simulates a temperature sensor in °C with a valid range of 15 ... 25 °C.

Each "next" reading differs max. ± 0.5 °C from last one.



RANDOM Energy meter

This sensor simulates a energy meter with kilo watt hours readings, starting by 0 with (nearly :-) open end.

Each "next" reading differs max. + 0.2 kilo watt hour from last one.


The consumption cost 0.20 per kilo watt hour, because of the unit watt hours is it set to 0.0002

Please note: The readings here are in kilo watt hours, to get watt hours out, the resolution is set to 1000.



Simple chart with these 2 channels, but with

  • Show temperature in blue, except above 20°C in red