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The Sunny WebBox is the ideal monitoring solution for medium-sized PV plants. It receives and stores current measured values and transmits data via RS485 or Bluetooth.[1][2]

This means you can stay updated on the status of your plant around the clock. In the event of a problem, you can react quickly and secure your yields.

Parameters can be changed and a variety of measured values can be depicted, analyzed and downloaded via a web browser. All data from the connected devices is stored and automatically transmitted to Sunny Portal, if desired. The Sunny WebBox allows central access to your plant data on the Internet via Sunny Portal.

The data loggers Sunny WebBox and Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth continuously record all the data of a PV plant. This is then averaged over a configurable interval and cached. The data can be transmitted at regular intervals to the Sunny Portal for analysis and visualization.

Via the Sunny WebBox and Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth RPC interface, selected data from the PV plant can be transmitted to a remote terminal by means of an RPC protocol (Remote Procedure Call protocol).

To do this, the Sunny WebBox provides a pool of service procedures (see Section 6 "Object Definitions", page 12) that can be accessed from the remote terminal by means of a Remote Procedure Call protocol (RPC protocol) via a network or RAS connection.

The data exchange format used here is the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) (see Section 3 "JavaScript Object Notation", page 7).

PVLng uses this interface to retrieve the data and store them into database.

This is done by the SMA Webbox script.