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Auto clear temp. dir on pull

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If you cloned PVLng by git, you should clear the temp. directory after each git pull.

To automate this, you can put the following code into .git/hooks/post-merge

# MIT © Knut Kohl -
# Git hook to clear temp. directory after `git pull`
# .git/hooks/post-merge
# Don't forget to make executalbe by `chmod 755 post-merge`

echo -n 'Empty temp. directory ... '

find tmp -type f ! -empty -delete

echo Done.

You can get it also from this Gist:

# wget -qO .git/hooks/post-merge

Make the script executable by

# chmod +x .git/hooks/post-merge

and you are done.

Next time, you pull changes from Github, the hook will remove all not empty files from temp. directory (this will ignore the .githold file)