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Channel module

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If you hover the Channels menu item, you'll get the other channel related functions.

Channels list


  • Filter the channels over all columns
  • Sort the channels, by name as default

Information and modify


  • The disk icons mark readable and/or writable channels
  • Edit the channel with the pencil icon
  • Clone the channel with the blue icon.
    • All attributes are copied
    • The name will prefixed with "Copy of"
    • You will be forwarded to the edit screen
  • Delete the channel with the red icon.
    • Only possible, if not more used in channel hierarchy, so remove there before
    • Deletes all readings, make sure you have a backup, if you need them anyhow

Add channel from Channel type


If you create a new channel from here, you get on the details page an additional option.


If you check it you can add the channel direct into channel hierarchy, on top level or direct as child channel.

Add channels from Template


In the next step you can adjust the templated channels.

Here have also to define, where the channels should placed into channel hierarchy.


By extending a row you can also maintain additional data.