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Charts module

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Date range selection


Date range selection is only possible for whole days, if need smaller portions, you can zoom the X axis by click and drag.

  • Click on the arrow buttons moves both date selectors one day back/forward
  • Click on the calendar button sets both date selectors to today

Data consolidation


Many common consolidation periods are predfined for fast access.

The start date will thereby automatic adjusted, if you choose

  • Day or Week > 1st day of month
  • Month or Quarter > 1st day of year

If you need other periods, you can switch to manual definition by click on the arrows.


Please note:

- If you save a chart variant, the preselected period will be saved, not the manual defined one!

Refresh data


Charts automatic refreshed each 5 minutes and full regenerated each 30 minutes. This is useful, if the "old" axis ranges not more fit to the actual data.

Load / Delete / Save chart variant


  • Public charts are accessible by not logged in visitors.
  • Mobile charts are only visible in mobile mode, private channels will be suppressed.


  • The upper link holds the only the chart variant.
  • The lower link holds the chart variant and the selected date range, good for showing anybody else a specific view, if the variant is a public one of course.

Keyboard shortcuts

Alt+P Move date range 1 day back
Alt+N Move date range 1 day forward
F3 Show/hide channels table
F4 Expand/collapse channels hierarchy
F6 Update chart
F7 Rebuild chart