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Dashboard module

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If you have defined dashboards, you can acess them by hover the "Dashboard" menu item.



Define your dashboard using Dashboard channels, you can select then only these channels!!

Channel hierarchy



Dashboards channels selection


The specialized dashboard channels have some additional features:

  • Definition of axis start and end values
  • Definable color bands on the axis


These channels inherits also the icon of its child channel.

Channel definition

Define to color bands for the gauges like this.

start > end : color
  • Spaces around delimiters are optional
  • For start and end absolute or relative (with % suffix) values allowed, also mixed
  • If start is not given, begins from axis starts
  • If end is not given, ends on axis end
  • Colors can be defined as HTML color names (green, red etc.) or HTML color codes (#123456)

E.g. for a temperature channel (with axis range -30°C ... 30°C) the following are equivalent:

   >  0 : blue         ==       -30  >  50% : #0000FF
 0 > 20 : green        ==        50% >  20  : #008000
20 >    : red          ==        20  > 100% : #FF0000



Axis range: -15 °C ... 55 °C

   >  0 : #BBF  // below zero
 0 > 35 : #BFB  // ok 0 ... 35°C
35 > 40 : #FFB  // warning 35°C ... 40°C
40 >    : #FBB  // critical above 40°C

Multiple Dashboards

You can have an unlimited number of dashboards.

  • Mark the relevant channels
  • Sort their order by dragging them around
  • Give it a name and
    • Create a new dashboard or
    • Change the loaded dashboard or
  • Delete the loaded dashboard



Advanced usage

You can embed the dashboard also anywhere else, for example via <iframe ... >.

Please note: For this view, no authorization is required!

To get the embedded view, just use<dashboard slug>

You can find this link on this bookmark button: DashboardEmbedLink.png

You can this also use to run PVLng on an info frame, just open the embedded mode in full screen!