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Data readout example

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For full list of supported request parameters refer to the API parameters documentation

Time period

If the queried time period (endstart) is less than the consolidation period, the result can be only one line by design.

(Remember the defaults: start=00:00, end=24:00)

Time declarations

Here are some useful examples for relative start and end declarations

What Request as start or end
1-Jan this year 1/1
first day of this year
1-Jan of last year 1/1-1year
first day of last year
1st day of this month first day of this month
1st day of last month first day of last month

Don't forget to URL encode your parameters, e.g. as first+day+of+this+year

Returned content type

see explanation


Get all feed-in power values from today as CSV, so many lines as data records exists{GUID}.csv

As above, but as JSON array of objects{GUID}.json

Get only one CSV line of the last stored data record today{GUID}.csv?period=last

Get CSV lines of data on daily basis.

Because of the queried time period (00:00 – now), the result will be one line...{GUID}.csv?period=1day

Get CSV lines on daily basis, start at begin of the year

This will return one line for each day in the time period.{GUID}.csv?start=1/1&period=1day

Get data as above, but on a weekly basis{GUID}.csv?start=1/1&period=1week

Get all data for last 7 days{GUID}.csv?start=-7days

Get the monthly data since commissioning{GUID}.csv?start=0&period=1month

Get CSV lines of data on yearly basis

Because of the queried time period ("1-Jan this year" ... "now" is lower than aggregation period), the result will be one line...{GUID}.csv?start=1/1&period=1year