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Direct models

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Direct models implement the direct data access. They don't accept child channels and handles data storing or readout by themselves.


A counter stores impulses from sensors, for example S0 impulses from watt meters.

The real data will be calculated during readout by the time difference between the readings and the defined resolution.

It can handle both types of stored data:

  • Store realtime data (every tick) as value 1
  • Store accumulated tick counts, e.g. accumulated for a minute


A meter channel stores always increasing measuring data, so every reading must be greater or equal as the last reading.

Meter channels can have an auto adjust flag set.

This is used for sensor equipments, which resets their internal counter for example at power loss.

If a meter channel is flagged as auto adjust, the following will happen

  • If the actual reading is lower than last reading, the offset value will set to the last reading
  • The actual reading will be stored as offset + value as for any other channel with offset.


A sensor is the most generic model for universal use, it stores any value as is.


A switcher model will store actual reading only, if the actual value is different from the last stored reading.
It works for numeric and non-numeric readings.

Switching sensors are for example an inverter state or valve state.

The predefined weather condition channels (storing "sunny", "cloudy" etc.) are also based on this model.