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Kostal inverter

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To make sure, the definitions are correct please load 1st one data file from your inverter as described here

This should look like this (TAB separated):

Nr:    255
Name:    ZashPV10
akt. Zeit:    1470085218

Logdaten U[V], I[mA], P[W], E[kWh], F[Hz], R[kOhm], Ain T[digit], Zeit[sec]
Zeit        DC1 U    DC1 I    DC1 P    DC1 T    DC1 S    DC2 U    DC2 I    DC2 P    DC2 T    DC2 S  ...
1469998800  496      10       5        44842    16393    274      17       4        44851    49162  ...

If you get this, create a complete inverter from template.

Create inverter grouping channel



Review next the assignment of the channels if they match your data file. You can adjust here also all aspects of the single measuring data channels, e.g. names.


If have less than 3 MPP trackers, uncheck all the channels for the not existing trackers.

Channel hierarchy

Here I have changed the names and removed some channels from the template.


Check the GUID (or the key :-) for the inverter channel and put this into the configuration in your scripts directory.