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Scripts usage

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A configuration template for each script is available in the corresponding dist/ directory.


All scripts

These parameters work with all scripts, for writing data to and reading from PVLng API.

-c, --config             Config file [default:script.conf]

The default configuration file name depends on the concrete script file name, so for an the default configuration file will be update.conf

-t, --test               Test mode, set verbosity to info level [flag]

Gather only the data, make required transformations and display what would be send to the API server. Set also verbosity to level 1.

-v, --verbose            Verbosity, use multiple times for higher level [flag]

More information, multiple -v increase up to level 3, which then also makes cUrl calls verbose.

Data saving scripts

Data gathering scripts can run on different equipments than the API, e.g. on a Raspberry or so.

-l, --localtime          Use local time, rounded to ? seconds [default:0]

You can define that the "local" time will be used.
You can for example also define, that the local timestamp always is rounded to full minute with --localtime 60

-s, --save               Save data also into log file [flag]

Save the data also locally, this is helpful if the connection to the API server is not stable. Missing data can loaded later manually.


$ ./ -t                # Simple test with default configuration, verbose level 1
$ ./ -tvc config.conf  # Test with defined configuration, verbose level 2
$ ./ -tvv              # Test with verbose level 3 also shows cUrl details

Productive use

By default (without -v flag) no output is produced at all.

So you can run any script in crontab without redirecting the output. But if there is any output, then an error occurred...