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From PhotoVoltaic Logger new generation

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PVLng is a logging and data warehouse system for measuring data of sensors and photovoltaic plants.

The system acts basely as a data warehouse.

All data will be stored in an very simple and efficient internal structure (readings), optimized for data readout of any kind with a well defined interface.

This system addresses all the user interested in data analysis, which will have a deeper look into their logged data.

The system will accept data from any external sources and can deliver them for any purpose. A web frontend for graphing data is also integrated.


To use this system best, a deeper knowledge in server administration, shell scripting and probably PHP is recommended, but not required.

Refer to design and concept to understand the system organization regarding models, channel types, channels and channel hierarchy.

Depending of the installed base of our solar plant, the following components are still implemented:

Data storage

  • Inverter data (feed-in power, DC power voltage, Current etc.) from a SMA Webbox
  • Irradiation and module temperature from a SMA Sensorbox
  • Outside and inverter temperatures via USB (DS9490R) or serial (DS2480B) -> 1-Wire -> Temperature sensor
  • Power consumption from electricity meters via S0 impulses or D0 interface based on IEC 62056-21
  • Weather data from Wunderground

Data readout

  • Model for the PV-Log URL interface in JSON
  • Script to push data to PVOutput
  • Script to update a Twitter account
  • [planned] Extractor witch creates Solar-Log compatible JS files, for example for Solar-Log homemade or SolarAnalyzer

To get a first impression, refer to the Quick start which will help you.